A love letter to the moon

by Chloe Richardson

When the night begins to pencil in the lines of my thoughts, I know the ink will not write. 

Desolate and lonesome – we search for our peace from The Empress of the Sky. Sovereign in secrets, and in thought (which are much of the same thing). 

The Moon. Tarot Card, Lover of stars. 

Majestic in myth, surreal in sight – perfect in the night. 

I cry to you – the ever present guardian of light. 

Spikes of radiance fill my mind, the rounded out guide of the lovers and the losers. 

You are the keeper of secrets, the eternal confidant- silver springs fall from above. 

I love in supplication – You, The Moon, know my thoughts and musings. I have surrendered my longings to the sky you inhabit. 

The perpetual painting in the sky. Orb of all thoughts. 

Stay suspended by our airless pining for you and your love. 

The ever-present onlooker, perfect and still. 

Lift and comfort – ask for nothing in return. How selfless is this muted glinting sphere. 

The pale light you share bleeds into the ink of night time reflections. 

In the early morning, linger to heal me. Your stoic presence lulls my thoughts, troubled as they may be. 

Consoled from the simple company. Cradle me in your youth – embrace me in your age. 

The stars and I will dance for you, so please. Please stay and sway in the sky for us, for me.

Please round me out – fill my cup with this serenity, your splendour. 

Harmony of love and light reflected upon my face. 

Mystify, sanctify, purify. La Luna. 

Forever devoted to the moon.

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