Fairytale II

by Callia Liang

Once upon a time 
there was a boy. 
He had 
“crimson colored eyes” and
“luscious raven locks.”
His best friend was 
a beautiful 
boy with “silky blond strands” and 
“kind blue eyes.”
They fall in love 
with the same girl 
is what you’re thinking

Once upon a time 
there was a boy. 
He was beautiful
but he 
didn’t know this
at first. 
There had been no use 
for his beauty
at first, except 
to be drawn by his best friend 
by the light of stars. 
Then there were people who pointed and whispered
and complicated things.
Both boys wished 
that they could return home.

Once upon a time 
there were two boys.
They realized that
the world wanted them to explain things that
already made sense.
Like how magical it was
to feel hair 
in your hands.
Like how light
catches in someone’s eye and becomes 
a star.

Once upon a time
there were two boys
who disappeared.
In all honesty
nobody tried too hard to find them.
These two boys, they might be suffering right now
or dying
or maybe they’re already dead.
At least
they’re together
right? Or
maybe they’re alive
waking to the curve
of each other’s bodies 
and exploring what 
the mornings mean,
happily ever after.

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