Issue II



Her by Alisa Romagnoli

A love letter to the moon by Chloe Richardson

Unsettled Settling by Melissa Ferrer

Faces Abode by Austin Anderson

For My Love by Anahita Monfared

spill the skies and bleed me dry by Sarah Chaudry

People, Places, and Everywhere and Again and Again by Christ Keivom


Symphony Alexandra by Will Nuessle

Strange Weather in Space by Molly Glinski

This is for You by Dani Herrera

Mad by Yash Seyedbagheri

Some Things Are Better Left Untouched by Sera Ercan


Taste of a Memory by Shelley Logan


dream land by Ella Andrews

past midnight by Nadia Arriera

bedroom blues by Caroline Holden

Safety Space by Kelly K

two faced by Ella Ferre

Space Girl by Savannah Speer

untitled by Bailey Fenlon

Love With Instinct; This Dream Within A Dream; So Much More To Life Than Simply Surviving It; A Deeply Hidden and Inarticulate Desire; and Living with an Unreasonable Passion for Things by Rebecca Ledbetter

Einstein by G. Blaise

Working Woman and Mommy’s Double Up by Kayla Chinn

fullmoon by Vivien Solveig

imposter in the house by Ilsa Ahmad

Dissy by Angel Davila

The Moderate’s Dream by Sebastian Peterson

Styrofoam (Ghostly Flicker) and Styrofoam (Floating) by Wan Kyn Chan


It could be by Esmerelda Garcia

A Place I Long to Be by Isabella Laikin

Girl Talk by Reese Harrington

charlie’s angels by Samantha Emilia

nymph in paradise by Maya Langevin

Skyline by Lily Rose

Self Portrait by Keara Saunders

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